onsdag 4 juni 2014

My gaming station.

Some people asked me what my gaming station looks like. So I decided to take a picture of it :)

The banelings are there to scare me. I lost to ling+baneling allins too many times before! And the trophies are there for motivation.

I recently started using a wireless headset for the first time (Logitech G930) and I love it. It's so awesome while I'm talking to friends on skype. No more "brb" or "afk", I can just walk around in the apartment while on skype. I might be late to the party but it's just amazing .

Above my desk I have the painting of me morphed with Kerrigan. It's a bit hard to see so here is a better picture of it.

I'm playing on a XMG notebook. It takes up some space on my desk but it's totally worth it to play on a laptop considering how easy it is to bring it while traveling.

Oh, and I started using a 144 hz monitor. I'm late to the party again I guess, but it's actually quite a big difference. I love it!

~Keep smiling~

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