måndag 2 juni 2014

1 week, 2 tournaments and 2 wins!

In the past week I played in two female offline tournaments, one in Paris and one in Uppsala. How I did is not the important thing here. These tournaments were more than "just" tournaments to me. It's more about meeting other people that shares my big passion for the game. Normally at events there are very few girls, so female tournaments are more special to me since I'm a girl :).


I really like how the events succeeded to motivate girls to play and how we found new female faces in the Swedish community. For example I got to meet the 9 years old Protoss player Saga. She came to the Swedish event this weekend in Uppsala with her dad who is supporting her play 100%. Seeing things like this makes me super happy. If it wasn't for the female cup she would probably not have played her first tournament this weekend. The same goes for many of the other participants.

The Swedish tournament was a part of a new project "inkluderande e-sport" that will hopefully change the fact that there are so few girls in esports. In SC2, for example, less than 5% of the players are female.

Me, Saga, QueenE and Trulz.

UniSL was there to do the production.

I uploaded some more pictures on my facebook page.

Ladies of the Swarm #3

This tournament was held at Meltdown in Paris. I played vs seven female players from France and in the finals I got to play Akane again (we played in the finals of the IeSF World Championship 2013). It was really nice to talk to all the girls and I love the community they have.

Awesome girls playing at LotS #3! Photo: Damien Cacheux

The crowd was really amazing. Right before the tournament I went to a restaurant alone to eat. At the table next to me sat four american guys. We started talking and they turned out to be huge SC2 fans. They loved the game and so I told them about the tournament and they went there to check it out. They joined forces with a Swedish guy I met the day before and they cheered for me all night. It was super cool!

The guys I met at the restaurant. 

In France the female community is really big around SC2. It might be the biggest of all countries! That is something that made my trip to Paris last week extra special. I tried to figure out the reason why :). It's not just the female community that is bigger. In France I feel like the community is closer to the players, casters and organizations. Meltdown Paris, a dedicated esports bar where people go every day to watch esports. A bar that organizes events, a place you can go to meet others who loves esports etc, it's pretty amazing. In Sweden we have STHLM e-sport. They are doing a great job but it's a lot smaller when it comes to events and frequency.

While in France I also had some time to hang out with my teammates Dayshi and MLord and my super nice manager Llewellys. I had a really great trip!

Have an amazing day <3

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