torsdag 18 april 2013

Kerrigan morph

As some of you know the winner of UNISL won a painting of him/herself morphed with a starcraft carracter. I am very happy about the prize and here is the result of me morphed with Kerrigan.

Painter: Hannes Berg
Thank you Hannes and everyone at UNISL for making this such an amazing memory. For more paintings by Hannes, check out

" I had the honour and pleasure of working with MaddeLisk who is just as easy going as she seems on the casts. And she's really got an attention to detail. One of the biggest reasons why this one turned out the way it did. This painting is one of them i'm most proud / fond of. " ~Hannes Berg

And also, big thanks to the whole community for everything you do for esports. Every stream, every comment and everytime you watch a stream it all makes a difference and it all makes me happy. @MaddeLisk