lördag 31 augusti 2013


Today I played the finals of the swedish IeSF qualifier in Uppsala. Me and QueenE were competing for the spot to represent Sweden in the female cup in Romania in two months. I was a bit nervous but I'm very happy with winning 3-0. That was my goal!

Vods can be found here.

Game 1: http://www.unt.se/24unt/?clip=2569921
Game 2: http://www.unt.se/24unt/?clip=2569935
Game 3: http://www.unt.se/24unt/?clip=2569945

Thank you for cheering, and as always - keep smiling <3

torsdag 22 augusti 2013

What I do at work

Have you ever seen The Big Bang Theory? If you havn't I can really recommend it. If you are wondering what I do at work it's basically illustrated by Raj and Sheldon in the video below.

I am working on my PHD in math and I spend most of the time doing research when I'm at work. I teach some too tho. Here is my board of today!

Currently using some rook theory. I love when I do math that is actually possible to illustrate.

I'm crazy busy with work atm. I have to (almost) finish up a paper since my coauthor is moving away. But in 10 days or so I will have more time for SC2 again!

                 <3<3<3  Play safe and smile!  <3<3<3