lördag 22 juni 2013

DreamHack Summer 2013

Well what can I say. If you saw me there I was probably smiling and there was a good reason for that.

DreamHack was amazing. Ye that’s it, just amazing. So I decided to write a little bit about it. Havn't blogged in a while...

My games

I practiced so much zvz right before DreamHack and I changed my style just a few days before. After doing quite well the days before I left I felt like I could make it out of my group for sure.  I really tried but I did some mistakes that you can’t afford if you want to beat players like SortOf and Targa. Also, I expected Targa to allin but I didn’t expect that from SortOf at all so I got a bit surprised and caught off guard. I should just stop plaing the player and just playing the race.

I was also really nervous and my hands were shaking during my games vs SortOf. I really have to work on that. I think I just have to play more tournaments, both online and offline so I'll try to do that.

I got third in the group and I wasn’t happy at all with that. I sat down for quite some time and I even checked out some math slides to have something else to think of but the fact that I lost.

But then when I turned around I got to see this! A sign saying “We <3 MaddeLisk! The Queen of the North!” That meant a lot to me. Thank you Ludvig! I just love every single one of my friends, fans and followers. Thanks to everyone who supported me and came to talk to me during DreamHack!

After playing I didn’t have a lot of time to think. It was time to cast some games!


I was really busy at DreamHack, I wasn’t there just to play but also to cast esportsm, the Swedish championship.
Photo taken by Carl-Oscar-Aaro
Day one the last qualifier was played and StarNaN took the finals over Sjow 2-0. Day two we had the finals I think most people wanted to see with Naniwa vs ThorZaiN. ThorZain won the title last year and when Naniwa qualified he stated that the only reason he wanted to play was to beat ThorZaiN. The finals started with a 1 hour 20 minute game where ThorZaiN spooned his way to victory. Naniwa didn’t want to repeat that and decided to be aggressive and that worked out well for him. He won 3-1 and 75 000 SEK, that’s more than the prize for the winner of the big DreamHack Open tournament.


You might have seen the coca-cola commercial I made a few days ago (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCSUqFXD4hk). I never expected it to get as many views or as many positive comments as it did. I’m just really happy that a big company such as coca-cola wants to do more for esports. During the last day of DreamHack I was sitting with my friends watching the games on the stage. And guess what commercial was running in the break! I thought I was going to die :D People turned around pointing at me and I tried to hide. Haha. I also got to share that coke with Apollo in probably the most awkward way^^

My team

It was really nice to meet my team again. They are all really supportive and I got to meet my manager for the first time. Like I said so many times already, I couldn’t be happier with my team. I’m looking forward to see some of them again in two weeks when I’m going to the gaming house in France for some hardcore practice!


The Show that should probably be referred to as “the Sjow” was something extra.
It was amazing to see the Swedish player Sjow doing so well and beating Life. The crowd went crazy during the really back and forth last and deciding game. Tears of happiness were so close. Nice to see both Sjow and the swedish team property doing well. I must say that I really like the production of DreamHack. They are always doing an amazing job!


Photo taken by Jeroen weimar https://www.flickr.com/weiman
I also made a few interviews. You can find the one make by Hotbid here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRMfnIJdIrE. I really like his interviews!
Millenium made one with me and Dayshi: http://www.millenium.org/starcraft-2/accueil/video/interview-de-dayshi-et-maddelisk-interview-de-dayshi-et-maddelisk-a-la-dreamhack-summer-2013-lors-de-la-deuxieme-journee-88081 (some parts in english and some in french). The Swedish television (swedish): http://www.svtplay.se/klipp/1296129/maddelisk-och-queene (check out my earring!).

Thanks to everyone who made this an amazing experience! <3