torsdag 12 juni 2014

DreamHack without nutella!

DreamHack is in just a few days. Sadly I had a cold all of last week and was unable to practice the way I wanted. That also means that I’m super happy now that I’m well again. Yesterday I was so happy that my body was working properly that I went to the gym twice. And today I went to an outdoor gym/playground to warm up before the gym :). I have a lot of energy and am doing better at StarCraft 2 too. I just hope I can relax while playing at DreamHack as I always tend to get very nervous playing at offline events.

It might be even harder to relax this time. I normally bring Nutella to events, it makes me feel more like home as I eat it a lot while playing. But this time there will be no Nutella at DreamHack. Nuts are forbidden in the area due to allergies. I totally understand this and feel a bit stupid since I never even thought about it before. I’ll keep a jar in my hotel room tho, so that I won’t miss it too much!

Since we are talking about Nutella I have a confession to make. I told you many times that there is nothing better than Nutella with Nutella. Not bread, not baguettes, not anything else than Nutella with a spoon. But I was wrong. There is something quite a lot better. Nutella with ice cream! I just take some Nutella and mix it with ice cream (1:2) and eat it. This is like a revolution to me. And it’s all thanks to my followers that I even tried it. People keep sending me pictures of Nutella and recipes, and it’s not for nothing! A few people linked me to a page where I saw the Nutella ice cream. And it’s totally perfect now that summer is here! So thank you!

DreamHack is always a great event. This time I will be super busy. Day 1 I’m playing and casting the last qualifier of e-sport-SM (the Swedish championship). Day 2 I’m casting the finals of e-sport-SM and day 3 I’m casting from Ro8 of the DreamHack Open tournament for Swedish TV! I also have a few meetings and want to spend time with my team and everyone else. Don’t hesitate to come say hi if you are there tho, I will try to make time :).

To be realistic I don’t think I will make it out of my group. My group consists of me, StarNaN, SpaceMarine and Icy. Both SpaceMarine and StarNaN are good players and Protoss, the race I lose the most to right now.  I will of course do my best but I will try not to be too hard on myself if I don’t make it. Let the DreamHack hype start!

I hope to see you there with a ~big smile~ because I love it when people are smiling ;)

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