torsdag 25 juli 2013

The Millenium house

As you might know I stayed at the Millenium house for a few weeks this summer. This blog post is just to introduce the house. In two days I will be back with another post about my experience in the house.

Entering the house

The first thing you should know is that Millenium is a lot more than a team. There are about 20 people working fulltime in the house every day, working with marketing, web TV, making videos, new for the webpage etc. And usually there are about 15 players staying there, not just StarCraft 2 but also CoD, LoL etc.

The house is located in Marseille, France.

The first floor

On the first floor there is a big office from where lots of people are working. There are also two studios for the web TV, laundry machine and a meeting room.

One of the studios. 

The second floor

Here we find the player area. Note that we even have Millenium tables :) 

Diestar, Dayshi and Goswser.

Diestar and Dayshi playing, LoL team in the background.

The big kitchen is also located on the second floor. 

There is no chef in the house but sometimes there are nice people making food for us. Other days we make it alone or just eat outside. There are lots of restaurants close to the house.

From the kitchen you can reach the roof. It's really nice up there. We had bbq there a few times :)

This is where tournaments are held at the Millenium house. The picture is from the French Championship. 
The second floor is not just for players tho. There are other people working from here too. 

There is also a third studio on this floor, I never got a picture of it tho. And a sofa to relax/sleep in :D ONE time we used it to watch GSL together.

The house is full of Millenium stuff. We even have Millenium pillows :)
And a Millenium floor :) We use it for dancing games!

The third floor

The third floor is where most of the players are sleeping. But since we are so many Millenium also have an appartment really close for the rest of the players and streamers. 

I decided not to take pictures from inside the rooms. I think you can guess why!

We also have a nice bathtub, some showers and a lot of toilets in the house (if that wasn't obvious).

I'll be back in two days to tell you about how it was to live in the house, how much we practiced and how we spent the time when we didn't practice.

<3 See you guys, and remember to keep smiling :) <3

7 kommentarer:

  1. Looks very awesome. I want a house like that!

  2. It was awesome. I really didn't expect it to be that awesome when I went there :D

  3. Siiiick!

    Aw ville se rummen ._.

  4. Kul att se insidan från ett gaming hus så här! Tack för bilderna

  5. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! very much insides. really liked them!

    and: millenium has to have a very nice team house when they support and eat so much nutella :p thumps up! GL.