onsdag 5 december 2012

Quantic disbands

 Hey guys!

Today is the last day for Quantic Gaming. I know this is shocking news to most of you, and so it was to me. I got a lot of questions concerning this and I'll try to answer them.

First, Quantic is dealing with this in a professional manner and will make sure to take care of trips home for the players living in the team house etc. They will not leave any loose ends.

The reason is, as most of you can guess, money. A lot of the money going into Quantic came from investors and it can be difficult to make it work in the long run.

As for me, I don't know exactly what will happen. I'll continue playing and do my best to get as good as possible. I was really happy to be on Quantic for many reasons, but being without a team will be okay too. Only time will if I'll join another team or not.

Thanks for all support.

Lots of love,


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  1. I'm verry sorry to hear it. Best of luck to you Madde, I hope you do well and that you can find another team if you want to :)

    MaddeLisk Fighting!

  2. I wish you all the best and good luck in the THOR Open finals, I'll be watching!

  3. :(
    Wao, i thought Qantic (and all the other teams) would stay as long as SC2 did, maby i saw it as given, though that was stupid of me!
    I wish you all the best luck!
    GG GL HF!

  4. I would love to absorb as much of Quantic, including the staff, as possible. Please email me at mike@sdesports.org if you are interested or know what I can talk to.

    Thanks! :D

  5. Sorry to hear this. Surprises me, I was sure Quantic was one of the more "entrenched" teams of the SC2-scene. Is it a side-effect of some of the money shifting over to the MOBA-scene, so the total amount of investor-cash is drying up rapidly?

    (The other explanation I could think of is that due to the long road to HotS, consumer hype is dwindling, hence ad-revenue is dwindling, hence less investor money for the teams.)

    Ah meh. :(
    This ofc totally means you're free for 2v2 games, right? :D

  6. Thanks everyone <3
    Jan: I will not be playing in Thor open, didn't manage to qualify :(
    Carighar: I still want to become really good so I have to practice :P

  7. Oh I see... I thought 2nd place got qualified too but it's only 8 players. Well, good luck in next tournaments :)

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